Redefined Fashion website is CO2 neutral


We are well aware of the fact, that running a webshop or a website impacts the
climate, so we have done something about it.

Webshops emit CO2 because electricity is used for computers and monitors and
for the servers hosting the webshop. To compensate for this carbon emission,
we participate in a program that initiates various CO2 reducing projects and
contributes to increasing the amount of renewable climate-friendly energy
sources, such as windmills.

The program is approved by The Gold Standard, which was originally established
by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), and is also audited by the Deloitte, which
reviews and verifies the CO2 estimates.

Read mere about the program here: Carbon neutral website

To verify the participation in this climate initiative 'CO2 neutral websites, a
certificate is issued, which must be renewed every year.

To review Redefined Fashions certificate, please click here: REDEFINED FASHION CERTIFICATE



As well did we do a contract with the Green Energy company Ørsted. Ørsted is a
renewable energy company that takes tangible action to create a world that runs
entirely on green energy. With the purchase of European wind certificates, we
achieve carbon neutral electricity consumption and support the green transformation.

To review Redefined Fashions certificate, please click here: REDEFINED FASHION CERTIFICATE