It’s our ambition to redefine the procedures within the fashion industry. We do it
through our personal drive and passion and by being attentive to detail. 
We search
for new alternatives and that little extra something in order 
to create remarkable designs
for the modern woman. Minus is where business meets soft, feminine core values.

Our flexible set-up means that we can work hands-on with every detail, ensuring our
status as a strong, agile player who can easily adapt. 
We aim for long term, close relationship,
embracing your needs. We focus on the mid-price market, retailing and no season
essentials. Caring for the environment and growing a profitable business at the
same time is our goal.

Female power is the key to success in all aspects of life. We cherish diversity and aim
to create wardrobes that empower women - because that’s what every woman deserves.

Female power - Love it. Spread it. Be it.