Your Commitment

We’re in this together. We try to do our part in trying to make our part of the
fashion world more sustainable, but you can do your part as well. Below is some
advice from us if you want to make more sustainable fashion choices.



If you follow these care instructions, you can prolong the lifetime of your clothes.

  • Wash less (only wash your clothes when they are actually dirty or smell)
  • Wash at lower temperatures (30 degrees is often enough to get your clothes clean)
  • Only use a tumble dry when absolutely necessary (besides saving energy, your clothes won’t wear out as quickly)
  • Only iron when necessary (this will save energy as well).
  • Make small repairments yourself or send the item to a tailor to be repaired (this will also save you money)
  • When your clothes can no longer be used, please drop them off at a secondhand store or give them to a friend so that they can be loved by someone else 'or may be recycled.


  • Make small everyday choices
  • Small steps also count. All the small changes each of us can make on a daily basis, such as saying no to a plastic bag in the store or buying the more sustainable item, in the long run add up and make a real impact.


  • It’s about being open-minded and saying yes to trying out new fabrics and accepting new technologies, when it comes to new types of fibres in your garments.
  • There are many sustainable innovations already and many more to come.


Natural fibres are not necessary always the more sustainable option. Where recycled materials entail that the raw material can be used more than once, for example recycled polyester, some natural fibres take up many resources until they have been processed enough to be used to make garments. It’s about educating yourself on your choices and making the right ones.