Our Commitments


Our planet is drowning in over-consumption and pollution. All of us living on
planet Earth need to rethink the way we live. At Redefined Fashion, we have
set ambitious sustainability goals for ourselves, focussing on the areas where we
know that we can make the largest impact. This is our commitment to
planet Earth.


Our goal is to reach 70% sustainable materials in all our collections by 2025. We are proud
to say that on some of our brands e.g. Minus, we have already surpassed
the goal we set for 2021.

We want to use renewable energy in our office facilities from sustainable sources
such as Danish windmills. At the same time, we will aim to reduce our energy consumption.

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Our CSR Policy and Code of Conduct stipulate our demands when it comes to social responsibility
at the factories. Besides this, we are focusing on empowering women e.g. through our
new mentor program for ambitious, female entrepreneurs. 


We want to increase the percentage of recycled and reused plastics and cardboard
in our packaging to 100%. At the same time, we aim to reduce 50% less plastic from single polybags,
by using new packing methods.


We will reduce our waste as much as possible and start our own waste sorting
system in order to increase the level of recycling.



We will reduce transport via air, which is how most samples are transported, and
make new procedures for the required number of various samples e.g. for the design phase, production approval and
sales samples, by reducing the number  as part of new business procedures.